Committed to Brazilian coffee

Costa Café holds a genuine care for Brazilian coffee, the local community, and ethical business practices.

Costa Café, founded in 1987 by Armando Costa, has established itself as a dedicated player in the coffee business. Located in Espirito Santo do Pinhal (SP), the company benefits from its proximity to major coffee-producing regions in Brazil, allowing them to offer a wide range of commercial and specialty coffee qualities. Costa Café takes pride in its ability to develop custom blends and single origin coffees to meet clients’ specifications, ensuring consistent quality.

The company has built a strong reputation and global connections over the years, working with 42 countries across five continents. Since its foundation, Costa Café has exported approximately 13.5 million 60kg bags of coffee, totalling 810,000 metric tons. With a warehouse spanning 22,724.44 m², they have the capacity to store a total of 653,000 60kg bags.

From the total capacity of storage, Costa Café’s infrastructure has 544 metal silos capable of receiving 353,600 60kg bags, along with 120 metal silos holding 60,000 60kg bags of processed coffee ready for shipment. And the company can load up to 40 containers per day, showcasing its efficiency and ability to meet global demands.

Overall, Costa Café stands by its ethical business practices, care for the local community and employees, and its commitment to delivering quality coffee to customers worldwide.