The Coffees

Costa Café has access to all coffee producing regions in Brazil.

Costa Café’s strategic location in Espirito Santo do Pinhal, situated between the Mogiana and South of Minas coffee regions, grants them privileged access to the main coffee producing regions in Brazil. This advantageous position enables the company to offer a diverse range of coffee qualities, including commercial and specialty coffees.

To ensure a wide sourcing network, Costa Café has also established buying offices in Manhuacu, covering purchases in Zona da Mata and in Varginha, covering purchases in the South of Minas and Cerrado regions. Furthermore, the company has developed extensive connections throughout Brazil, supported by dedicated buyers in different locations.

The long-term relationships fostered with farmers and industry professionals are key to Costa Café’s ability to purchase coffee consistently and responsibly. Through these relationships, the company can showcase the distinct characteristics and potential of various micro regions within Brazil, highlighting the country’s rich coffee offerings.

By sourcing coffee from these regions and maintaining strong connections across Brazil, Costa Café demonstrates its commitment to delivering high-quality coffee while supporting farmers and promoting sustainable practices in the coffee industry.