Costa Café is deeply committed to ensuring efficient and timely deliveries to its customers.

Committed to deliveries, Costa Café relies on automation and efficiency. The company’s head office is located in Espírito Santo do Pinhal (Mogiana), and it has processing facilities in Albertina (South of Minas).

The company also operates buying offices in Zona da Mata (Manhuaçu – MG) and South of Minas (Varginha – MG), as well as a logistics office in the port of Santos.

To ensure delivery commitments, Costa Café focuses on automation and efficiency, owning its entire structure of storage, processing, and logistics.

Over the years, the facility has undergone expansions to provide the best in the coffee market in terms of receiving, processing, and loading. Initially, in 1987, the warehouse consisted of only one shed. Between 2017 and 2022, two new expansions were carried out, resulting in the facility now comprising three fully connected sheds, with a total construction area of 22.724,44 m².

Thanks to this ample storage and processing space, Costa Café maintains a fluid and organized process, effectively separating different coffee qualities from entry to exit in their designated areas and silos, ensuring lot-to-lot traceability of the coffees.

Furthermore, Costa Café has implemented a modern unloading system utilizing robust and agile dumpers capable of swiftly unloading loaded trucks.

The company also employs modern automation tools controlled through software, ensuring precision in its processes.

As part of our technological processes, Costa Café utilizes robust machinery for loading coffee, with the capacity to stuff 40 containers per day. Additionally, we employ a container forklift to transport these containers throughout the unit.

In conjunction with automation, they possess all the machinery required to process and produce the various coffee qualities demanded by the market.