Costa Café works in compliance with the main international sustainability standards.

Costa Café places a strong emphasis on professional ethics and holds deep respect for both clients and producers. Over the years, the company has provided financial and logistical support to producers, aligning with international sustainable certifiers, financial institutions, and governmental organizations.

To ensure adherence to high standards, Costa Café undergoes periodic audits conducted by specialized certification companies. These audits verify the company’s procedures and standards, reinforcing its commitment to quality and sustainability. Additionally, Costa Café follows methods and procedures based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) program for food safety. This compliance with rigorous food safety standards, including those required by the FSMA/FDA, enables the company to export coffee worldwide with confidence.

Having a presence in key Arabica coffee producing regions grants Costa Café the advantage of quality differentiation and direct sourcing from producers and cooperatives. This direct relationship allows the company to supply sustainably produced coffees, promoting responsible agricultural practices and supporting the livelihoods of coffee farmers.

Moreover, Costa Café values its employees and invests in their development and well-being. Some members of the Costa Café team have been with the company since its early days, demonstrating a long-term commitment to building a cohesive and dedicated workforce.

Overall, Costa Café’s dedication to ethical practices, compliance with international standards, and investment in its employees solidify its reputation as a responsible and sustainable player in the coffee industry.